idiot savant looking for his knowledge sphere
Новости моей френд-ленты на фейсбуке порой прекрасны - мы все over-educated snobbish drunkards. It feels good.

Translating my BA from Latin to English as Latin is not an official EU language!


Stages of Law Firm Application Grief: 1) denial 2) pain 3) anger 4) depression 5) tiredness 6) wine 7) more wine 8) sudden burst of eloquence 9) divine intervention.


‎ - 10) disappointment at lack of stage 9, revert to stage 1 and repeat process.

- oh no I'm pretty sure 9 happened: I just wrote a paragraph on the TMT sector that could have only been dictated by god.

- Should we expect your edition of the bible soon?

- hey why not, i'm pretty sure i could improve on it - the bible's just a really shit contract. far too many attempts to limit liability by reference to some sin stuff?

А у Горалик в блоге совокупляющиеся олени на свитерах.